Research Made Simple

Market research can be easy Market research can be fast Market research can be affordable

You and your laptop are going to conquer the world. You are just a few buttons away from learning what people think, no matter how insignificant or big the question you want to ask is. Whether you are the representative of a market research company, of a multinational or of a local company, you are in the right place. Now you have the information at your feet.


How fast is FAST when you want to do market research? Two weeks? A week? Three days?

How about just one day?

You read that right - one day. And no, it's not a figure of speech. Choose your sample size and structure, add the questions you're interested in, launch the project by 12:00 noon on the day and the next day you have the data processed in tabular format. Or choose the research product that suits you and in a few minutes your setup is ready!

All at a nice price - significantly lower than the prices you're used to. And perfectly transparent too. You get an estimated price in less than 1 minute and see how the price evolves as you add questions.

We don't mind if you want large or small samples. Nor do we mind if you have just one question or many questions!

Oh, and let me not forget. If you're really in a hurry, you can download the analysis on partial data, just a few hours after the study is released. Cool, huh?

Now, you may be thinking that there's something rotten in the State of Denmark, that you can't do market research so quickly without cutting corners. You can rest assured. We use Daedalus Online panels or our partner panels that accumulate together millions of panelists worldwide.

It’s time to be agile. It’s time for Frappe Digital!


How does it work?

You log into the app, choose your sample size and structure, add your questions, and launch the project. In about 24 hours (sometimes even faster) you can download the final results. So simple!

You can choose from questions you have used before or draw inspiration from the Frappe question library. If you have a similar or identical project to one you have already done, you can clone that project, so you don't have to add all the questions manually.

The price is set according to the number/type of questions and sample size. Standard demographic questions (gender, age, education, income, urbanisation degree and region) are on the house, they are added automatically and are not counted in the price.

The results are in the form of cross-tabulations between questions and standard demographics. In addition, you can also download the database if you wish to do further processing or recode certain demographics.

Studies can be done on the general population (representative samples) or on a population selected by demographic characteristics: gender and age.

You can see the progress of the data collection in real time and download intermediary results at any time after the project is launched.

There is a quality control process that discards questionnaires that do not meet quality standards, so the sample size is likely to be slightly larger than the one client requested. Part of the quality control is included directly in the questionnaires. For example, you can't watch a video without the sound on, you can't move on until the video is finished, or you can't choose a picture out of many, until you've seen them all.


Case studies

With Frappe Digital you have access to horizons you may not have thought of before: you can get information in 24 hours (or less) with maximum flexibility and total control. Here are some ideas of projects where Frappe Digital can help you:

Measuring incidences Solution Duration Estimated cost (USD)
You have a research project on a population whose incidence you don't know. You don't want to launch the project until you know the incidence, as it has major implications for costs and/or the sample chosen. You add the incidence question to a representative sample of 100 subjects, enough to get an idea of what the incidence is. 6-8 hours 400-600
Disaster Check Solution Duration Estimated cost (USD)
You have a feeling that something in your packaging, communication, product, etc. may be creating strong negative reactions from customers. You want to know quickly if you need to change anything, as the product launch/communication campaign is planned within a few days. Add specific questions, show suspected stimuli (whether video or pictures) and collect answers to open-ended questions to eliminate possible biases from the answer options. Usually, a sample of 150-200 people is good enough. 12-24 hours 800-1,500
Measuring the effects of marketing actions Solution Duration Estimated cost (USD)
Often you don't want to wait weeks to see what’s the effect of the marketing activities (either yours or your competitors'), especially since after such a timeframe, it might be too late (or too costly) to optimize or change anything. Add specific questions on a sample of 500-1,000 subjects. On the second or third day (for very large samples) you will get the results. 24-48 hours 1,800-5,000
Concept/package testing Solution Duration Estimated cost (USD)
Whether you want to choose from multiple options or go deeper to understand what works and what doesn't with a particular concept/package, now you can do it quickly and inexpensively. Add specific questions on a sample of 100-300 subjects. You can use familiar templates or draw inspiration from the Frappe Digital library of question. 12-24 hours 800-2,000
Communication testing Solution Duration Estimated cost (USD)
We know that ideally the testing should be done "yesterday". We can't give you that, instead we give you the research results "tomorrow" or even "today". You can draw inspiration from the library or use existing Frappe products. 12-24 hours 500-2,000
Resolving divergent views in the company Solution Duration Estimated cost (USD)
When there are differences of opinion in the company on a particular subject, they can be resolved in less than a day and at minimal cost. You add the specific question(s) that generated divergence on a sample of 100-200 subjects. 12-24 hours 500-900
Exploring response options for a future questionnaire Solution Duration Estimated cost (USD)
You want to use closed questions in the questionnaire, but you are not sure if you have the full answer options at hand. You can add open questions and then generate answer choices for the next survey. A sample of 100-200 persons is usually sufficient. 12-24 hours 600-1,500
Deepening some answers from a study just conducted Solution Duration Estimated cost (USD)
You've just got the results of a study and you want to better understand why people responded in a certain way to a given question. Add the open text question to a sample of 100-200 people. 12-24 hours 500-900

How does it work?

Research products are designed to meet your specific needs. An important advantage of using the products is that they include benchmarks that take into account the statistical results of all the other brands that have already used this product. You can then compare yourself to market norms and make the right decisions because you understand the real meaning of the results.

A second advantage is that these research products are seriously tested before being launched on the market, and the models used are both robust and actionable.

In the case of products, in addition to the cross tabs page, you also benefit from a One Page Summary that summarises, in just a few figures, the essence of the results, increasing thus the speed of your decision-making process.

Last but not least, the products focus on what is essential to measure, so in many cases their price is lower than an ad-hoc project with the same objectives.

Banners pre-testing

Are you in a hurry, have a rather small budget, but still want to optimise your banners for the digital campaign you're about to launch? Or maybe just choose the best banner among several options? You're in the right place! With just a few hundred EUR you'll get results in 24 hours.

How it works

Digital video pre-testing

Do you want to know if your copy is going to be successful on the net? What objectives do you reach and where can you make improvements? Or simply make sure at the last minute that your copy will stand-out and/or it will do a good job? Piece of cake. In a few minutes you set-up the project and in the next 24 hours you get the data. In addition you can choose among a variety of formats to test: animatics, raw video or finished film.

How it works